Food Court

Restaurant, cafeteria, gastronomy, traditional product and relaxation area solutions.


Thanks the Zenith experience in the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) sector, Cefla Retail Solutions provides innovatively designed solutions for the food court and all its variations (restaurants, coffee bars, gastronomy service counters and back counters, traditional products, relaxation areas) capable of satisfying the practical requirements of different areas. From concept to product, we ensure you can count on close support throughout the project, providing format-specific solutions that are modular, industrialised and long-lasting.


  • Great design and innovative materials
  • Specific lighting, ambience and communication
  • Modularity and flexibility
  • Retail Design


Cefla Retail Solutions provides a comprehensive Retail Design service. Customers receive constant support, from architectonic design to layout and choice of equipment, etc.