Bakery department display solutions: from self-service displayers to service counters.


Cefla Retail Solutions offers a vast range of bakery department products, all of which can be extensively personalised and sized according to format-specific needs:

  • Self-service displayers for packaged goods or bulk bread
  • Service counters and back counters that allow for the incorporation of active parts for bakery and confectionery products
  • Department accessories: bag holders, weighing scale shelves, etc.
  • Ambience and communication


  • Coordinated department image (displayers, service counters, back counters, ambience)
  • Specific LED lights produced by Cefla 
  • Modular, flexible solutions
  • Retail Design


Used products and materials, ambience and communication are designed to implement coordinated solutions suited to the target. Cefla Retail Solutions can help customers design entire departments.


Cefla Retail Solutions display equipment features pre-certified power systems that can light displays with high performance LED lamps. The lighting optimises display of the best bakery products.