Display, communication and ambience solutions for bookshops and specialised book, magazine, newspaper and greeting card areas.


Bookshops are areas where ambience, goods display, communication, lighting and design are all used to create atmosphere and transmit the desired style.

Thanks to many years' international experience in creating specialised stores and large scale retail outlet areas, Cefla Retail Solutions is able to respond to this need perfectly.


  • Visual merchandising and product facing
  • Ambience, communication, digital signage
  • LED lighting for display and ambience purposes
  • Modular, flexible display structures
  • Retail Design


The System 25 shelving system provides flexibility and integration, ensuring visual merchandising that engages the consumer. Thanks to the ultra-thin System 10 shelf and the multiple 3x3 system configurations (for both walls central areas), creating a full range of display solutions is easy. Accessories for the display of books, magazines, newspapers, greeting cards and toys ensure optimal facing with maximum modularity.


Cefla Retail Solutions display equipment features a pre-certified power system that allows displays to be illuminated with high performance LED lamps. Such lighting lets retailers highlight areas of particular value or customer interest.


Cefla Retail Solutions can design, develop and deliver tailor-made projects for displayers dedicated to specific books, special editions, publications or publishers.


Cefla Retail Solutions is the perfect partner for developing Retail Design projects. We provide customers with close support from the initial concept and design stage all the way to final definition of layout, ambience, communication and equipment.