12 September 2020

The wine department: the most carefully created, personalised store area

The wine area is one of the most meticulously thought-out, personalised store departments. Great care goes into the choice of lighting (often soft), colours, shelving materials and even the flooring.

Everything is designed to provide customised solutions that give the department ‘flow’ and avoid horizontality/uniformity, creating an inviting place in which to choose a good bottle of wine.

A good wine shelf must be an integral part of the customer experience: it must show the product off at its best and aid visual merchandising operations.

As a shopfitting item it needs to be strong and long-lasting so that shopkeepers (or supermarket buyers) can amortize costs.

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Wine shelves in your store: useful tips for an informed choice

Out of all the furnishing elements in a store, wine shelves require, perhaps, the greatest care and customisation.
Wines and spirits are, in turn, products that yield retailers their broadest profit margins.

That’s why, in order to boost sales, considerable attention is paid to the choice of lighting in the wine and spirits area (where the light is often suffused). Warm shelf colouring or even the use of wooden materials provide a connection with traditional wine cellars; this degree of attention can even extend to the flooring.

Nothing, however, is left to chance. The process of selecting a wine shelf is partly based on studies into customer behaviour, allowing spaces to be designed as per consumer expectations.

Consumers often make purchasing choices on the basis of elements such as price, size, colour and the ‘designation of origin’ of the wine; a good shelf must, then, communicate such information effectively. Moreover, today’s wine and spirits purchasers are - unlike those of the 80s and 90s who were more attracted to the major ‘industrial’ brands - are now drawn more to ‘craft’ products.


Messaging thus plays an essential role in helping customers choose the wine that best matches their needs. The three key factors that a proper display will highlight to guide consumers through the selection process are: type, quality and geographic origin.

storytelling in the food & beverage sector in the food & beverage sector offers a further way of standing out from the competitors, and it starts with a good wine shelf.

It’s up retailers to bring out the best in their wines by using quality shelves that showcase them as effectively as possible.

Cefla Retail Solutions: wine shelves that respond to the needs of today’s consumer

In large-scale retail outlets, wine shelves with wood trims are preferred because they are reminiscent of those found in wine bars and private cellars.

Moreover, Cefla's 3x3 display system is ideally suited to the creation of 'dynamic' spaces that can be customised in terms of size, shape, colour and material.

A patented system allows individual pieces to be assembled without any welding or screws, a feature that can yield infinite combinations.

Wireplus racks are, in general, the preferred choice among our customers.

Its wire shelves elegantly enhance the store, letting light filter through to give a sensation of both lightness and solidity.

What’s more, they’re easy to clean: dust is unable to settle on wire shelves as it does with traditional shelving.

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