27 April 2018

Cibus and Macfrut: Cefla for Food

A dual trade fair appointment with the agri-food sector. Cefla and C-Led will soon be attending Cibus Parma and Macfrut Rimini to showcase the innovation and design they offer the retail world.

At Cibus, to be held in Parma from 7 to 10 May, Cefla Shopfitting will illustrate a series of food display solutions with cutting-edge design, lighting and technology in the “Cibus Innovation Corner”. Cefla's shopfitting structures feature proximity marketing, which allows interaction between retailers and consumers' smartphones. This, for example, lets retailers provide information on product characteristics and offer promotions and advice based on customers' expenditure habits. Also on show at Cibus will be the Grow-Unit. Developed by Cefla Shopfitting, this solution is incorporated into the display. Via irrigation and lighting systems, the latter is used to grow microgreens indoors. The Grow-Unit was developed out of Cefla's own know-how and via close collaboration with university research facilities and C-LED, which has developed LED lighting with specific spectra for each plant type.

At Macfrut, to be held in Rimini from 8 to 11 May, Cefla Shopfitting will co-exhibit with C-LED (Hall B1, on stand 72). They'll present fruit and vegetable department solutions which have also involved Red Retail Design, the Cefla brand that specialises in personalised concept creation.

The latest fruit and vegetable display trends will be illustrated. These include innovative incorporated systems that not only ensure optimal conditions for keeping food extremely fresh - such as the new misting system - but also allow it to be grown in the retail outlet itself via the Grow-Unit: a true zero-mileage solution! At Macfrut, C-LED will illustrate its greenhouse/indoor plant lighting solutions. In addition to the Grow-Unit, which incorporates specific microgreen growing lights, Inter-Lighting lamps (i.e. positioned between plants to direct light effectively) and Top-Lighting lamps (positioned above the plants) will also be exhibited. C-LED shall also be showcasing indoor farming solutions for plant factories (i.e. on-shelf growing) and vertical farming, solutions especially popular for growing plants in an urban setting. Tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, flowers and medicinal plants: whatever the product, C-LED lamps provide just the right light intensity and colour.

Andrea Ventura, Managing Director of Cefla Shopfitting, will give talks at two key conventions to illustrate the path taken by the company, now mainly characterised by innovation and the development of integrated technology. The subject of the first - to be given at Cibus on 7 May at 2 p.m. - will be: “New display trends and proximity marketing”; the second, instead, will be at Macfrut on Thursday 10 May, at 11 a.m. and will focus on “New opportunities in specialised retail”.