15 January 2020

Cefla's Grow Unit on Masterchef Italia 9

Cefla's Grow Unit on Masterchef Italia 9, the world's most famous culinary talent show.

Italy's most famous kitchen is now home to a Cefla microgreen Grow Unit. This indoor 'nature corner' for growing micro-greens incorporates its own lighting and irrigation system designed by C-LED,

Thanks to the grow unit, micro-greens - the food of the future - can be grown on-site and with an above-average nutrient content, thus improving health and well-being.

The purchased pre-seeded trays of microgreens are placed inside the unit and grow thanks to a closed-circuit system with:

  • automatic lighting cycle
  • automatic irrigation system
  • ventilation system to control temperature and
  • humidity
  • parameter management software


Aspiring chefs can use these micro-greens as fresh ingredients in their dishes; such greens have an ultra-high nutraceutical value (with up to 40 times the vitamin content of traditional vegetables) and distinct organoleptic properties that intensify the flavour of the proposed dishes.